Rachel always loved riding the shiny red bike her Dad gave her on her 13th birthday with him along the river. Late one night, Rachel (19), arrives home from work to discover what appears to be her red bike already parked there. Thinking that her little brother, Carl(10), has tried to play another trick on her she angrily calls out, "Carl, you stupid kid, who's bike is THIS?". She compares the two bikes looking from one to the other. They seem exactly alike but she thinks she may have made a simple mistake. She decided to return the bike despite having to go out again in the dark against her mother's wishes. Flashing back, we discover that Rachel's Mama(40) does need her to work because her father has passed away leaving them less well off. He was a hopeful man and the family has honored him with a wreath at his funeral that  says, "DADDY, Dreams Live Forever". As we see Rachel riding home in traffic, we discover that she too has dreams. 


  Most of these revolve around her crush on the boy next door, Sam (20). As her dreams reveal themselves we are unsure if they are dreams or a girl's simple reverie. But this is dispelled as car horns signal that our visit with Rachel is not what it seems.  As she returns home again, we discover that others in her life are strangely distant. Then we see into the future and, together with Daddy, Rachel discovers  the truth about her life and the bike she now rides again with him.